A Fitting Tribute to a Special Kind of Doctor

Gillda Leitenberg and Marcel Reux. Photo by Erin Howe
May 17 / 2017

Hands-On Discovery Goes a Long Way

There’s a reason I didn’t go into surgery. Trying my hand at a laparoscopic demonstration last week — one of 15 stations at the first UofTMed Student Showcase for donors and friends — it was bracingly clear that psychiatry was the right calling for me.
May 16 / 2017

UofTMed Students Showcase their Research Pursuits

Dean Trevor Young with MD student and lead of SEAD Program. Photo by Horst Herget
May 12 / 2017

Genetics and Lactose Intolerance Related to Low Vitamin D Levels

New research from the University of Toronto shows that people genetically intolerant to lactose, the main sugar found in dairy, have lower blood levels of vitamin D than the general population.  Professor Ahmed El-Sohemy
May 11 / 2017


UofT Medicine
Digital health technologies need to move beyond the smartphone to be really effective, experts @statnews suggest
UofT Medicine
A strong case can be made to flush drugs, says #UofTMed’s @DavidJuurlink, but not if you care about the environment…
UofT Medicine
People should be eating more fibre-rich foods, says #UofTMed Prof David Jenkins – developer of the Glycemic Index

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