Medicine and Philosophy Collide  

Later this month, philosophers from around the world will gather in Toronto to explore health care from a philosophical perspective. 
Jun 15 / 2017

Indigenous Health in Toronto: Facing the Truth and Working Towards Reconciliation

On June 21, U of T Medicine recognized National Aboriginal Day. It was an opportunity to reflect on how we have embraced Indigenous health, and to consider our progress in meeting the calls to action in the Truth and Reconciliation report.
Jun 14 / 2017

#UofTGrad17 Gurpreet Kamboj: Business and Biotechnology

What do you get when you combine business and biotechnology? For Gurpreet Kamboj, the answer to that question may be a new company to help ensure all people have access to safe, timely and effective health care.
Jun 13 / 2017

#UofTGrad17 Tiffanie Kei: Digitizing Student Health Care

How can we improve the delivery of mental health services for students? That was the question Tiffanie Kei and her colleagues asked as they began their “capstone project” in the University of Toronto’s Translational Research Program, a new master’s degree that encourages students to apply scientific discoveries for better human health.
Jun 13 / 2017


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Does your GPA need an upgrade to meet the #UofTMed requirements? There are some things you can do to improve it
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Helpful information about Type 2 #diabetes in youth & a simple questionnaire to determine your or your child’s risk
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Generous donation from the Nanji family supports #UofTMed eye surgeons & ensures people get #vision care they need

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