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Dean Trevor Young,


Mentors and Allies

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the launch of this year’s Diversity Mentorship Program. Mentoring is important to professional development, both early in a person’s career and throughout.

I’ve been fortunate to have encountered some great mentors in my life, through formal programs and informally. However, as someone who is now in a mentor role, I find the best lessons I’ve learned have been from mentees.

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Saliva test for gene mutation saves lives

Actress Angelina Jolie had a mastectomy when she found out she had the mutation and it could very well have saved her life.


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RT : Making sense of data: Brenda Andrews & co win grant to map genetic interactions in human cell… https://t.co/TLzDYFz6Cw
UofT Medicine
Can learn to predict trauma-induced damage? They ’re trying may find out – with help from some… https://t.co/5IEbvpiWr2
UofT Medicine
RT : “I did it because I enjoyed it. And I still think that’s the best reason to do anything.” https://t.co/O62llnUb3G
Children with complex disabilities
How do we give a voice to kids who cannot speak?
We’re designing technologies that break down barriers for children with complex disabilities.
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