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TREC's Responsibilities

  • To inform, advise and carry out tasks relating to (but not limited to):
    • TAHSN’s Policy environment (including harmonization of policies and guidelines);
    • Current and emerging ethical practices and procedures within TAHSN relevant to human subjects research;
    • Local factors that could impact on research ethics within TAHSN;
    • Emerging national and international forces that could impact on research ethics within TAHSN (including requirements from peer-review funding agencies);
    • Processes, procedures, standards and laws concerning the ethics review of research protocols;
    • Infrastructure needs within TAHSN for research ethics;
    • Issues or questions raised by TAHSN.
  • To act as a forum for emerging issues related to the above and to share information about these issues among members and through them, with the institutions they represent.
  • To provide guidance, act as a venue for collaboration and where appropriate work towards consensus on processes and standard operating procedures among the TAHSN-member institutions.
  • To promote scholarship and educational activities around research ethics.

What is TAHSN?

The Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) is a network comprised of the University of Toronto and its affiliated academic hospitals, with a mission "...to serve as a leader in Canadian health care by developing collaborative initiatives that optimize, advance, and sustain a shared academic mission of high quality patient care delivery, education, knowledge transfer, and research innovation."

TAHSN's work is supported by a number of standing sub-committtees, including the TAHSN Research Committee, which struck TREC and which TREC reports to.

For more information about TAHSN or the TRC, contact:

Toronto Academic Health Science Network
200 Front Street West, Suite 2501
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5V 3L1

Or visit www.tahsn.ca.


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