Research Reflections: Professor Dan Drucker on Lizard Venom, Serendipity and the Rigours of Reproducibility

U of T Medicine hosts the Smithies Lecture, honouring the work of genetics pioneer and Nobel laureate Oliver Smithies, and supported since 2008 by Sanofi Aventis. The October 2017 lecture offered an engaging look at the career of one of Canada’s pioneers in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.
Oct 6 / 2017

Resident Survey Reveals Much Satisfaction But Important Problems

As Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital, Professor Glen Bandiera has a frontline view of the stresses and strains at play in a busy teaching hospital. For medical residents – MD grads who are training for another 2-7 years in their chosen specialty – the stakes are high and the environment can be more than stressful.
Oct 5 / 2017

U of T Health Accelerator H2i Breaks Down 'Walls' with Innovation-Focused Networking Event

More than 200 health researchers, students and industry professionals – many connected to the University of Toronto – gathered at JLABS @ Toronto Monday for an interdisciplinary networking event designed to spark innovation and entrepreneurship.
Oct 4 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Damien Noone

As a child in rural Ireland, Damien Noone didn’t dare to imagine he’d be a doctor when he grew up. As a teenager, a conversation with one of his high school teachers opened Noone’s eyes to the possibility. 
Oct 4 / 2017


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Can learn to predict trauma-induced damage? They ’re trying may find out – with help from some…
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RT : “I did it because I enjoyed it. And I still think that’s the best reason to do anything.”

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